Environmental permitting

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Approvals, agreements and authorizations required for operation

Development projects and activities carried out by various individuals or legal entities, involve obtaining regulatory acts in the field of environmental protection. Obtaining them depends on the activities carried out or which are following to be carried out by the beneficiary and involves the development of specific environmental documentation and studies. The studies and documentation which are developed verify the compliance with the environmental legislation and provide solutions for appropriate design.

The legislation on the authorization requirements for the preparation of environmental studies requires in certain situations the use of external experts, who are coordinated by ENVIROLAND managers (e.g.: geotechnical studies, studies for the dimensioning of drinking water supply boreholes, etc.). The complexity of the project or the activity carried out influences the number and complexity of the studies requested by the competent authorities.

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Environmental permitting is mandatory for various projects and activities and involves the following:

  • Experience for coordinating the activities for the preparation of environmental studies to fulfill the objective pursued by the beneficiary.
  • Preparation of specific technical studies depending on the field of activity of the beneficiary.
  • Support in the design phase for environmental compliance to obtain the necessary authorizations.
  • Knowledge regarding the environmental processes applicable to the activity carried out by the beneficiary and which are relevant from a scientific and technical point of view.
  • Providing technical and feasible solutions for compliance with applicable environmental legislation.
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