Environmental auditing and transaction support (Due Diligence)

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Identification of risks in transactions and compliance with legal requirements.

The acquisition of contaminated land can involve significant costs for the purchaser, either due to the lack of land use for a certain period of time, or due to the additional costs involved in remediating the soil and groundwater. In most cases, remediation involves significant costs that are not taken into account at the time of purchase, or they are not immediately identified due to permits issued by authorities based on far too brief studies and the purchaser becomes liable for pollution caused by third parties. These risks can be identified through a due diligence study.

Companies wishing to identify any non-compliances with the environmental legislation and resolve them before being observed by the competent authorities, may opt for an environmental audit carried out by an experienced expert who can observe external aspects and practices which are not immediately visible to people involved in daily activities. The audit report includes a description of the non-compliances, a classification according to their priority and recommendations for compliance.

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Environmental due diligence and compliance audits generally aim to reduce risks related to environmental protection for companies, both technically and financially by the following:

  • Identifies the risks associated with transactions and daily production practices.
  • Provides fast and secure solutions to improve activities, products and services.
  • Identifies non-compliances with the legislation and allows the implementation of measures before being sanctioned by the authorities.
  • Improves environmental management systems and provides solutions for future transaction practices.
  • Provides professional development for the environmental responsible and is a real exercise for future inspections and controls.
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