Environmental consulting and compliance

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Environmental applicable legislation and timely advice.

Environmental legislation is extensive at international, European and national level and involves many uncertain issues, from the raw material needed in production to the waste resulting from human activities. In the field of environmental consultancy, there are various unique situations which allow for the professional development of environmental consultants on legal requirements, best practices and fast and cheap solutions to environmental issues. The extensive experience of the consultants also allows them to quickly identify issues and solutions which do not involve excessive costs for the beneficiary.

The service involves extensive activities that include identifying specific legal requirements for companies, developing environmental procedures, keeping records of waste management or preparing various reports for competent authorities, as needed.

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Environmental consultancy allows companies to secure their position on the market by improving production processes and environmental management through monthly or timely advice services as follows:

  • Identifying and updating the legislation specifically applicable to the activity carried out.
  • Update processes and procedures in line with changes in applicable environmental legislation.
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation for environmental reporting with a frequency pre-established by the applicable legislation.
  • Beneficiary representation during controls by competent authorities.
  • Expert advice on specific environmental issues.
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