Landscape and vegetation studies

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Landscape impact and risk assessment and documentation for vegetation management

Urban and rural development projects have a significant impact on the landscape, which can be negative or positive. To quantify the impact, specific studies are developed that can highlight potential problems or activities that may affect the natural, urban or rural landscape and which provide solutions for the integration of projects in the urban and general landscape. Additionally, studies can be developed to characterize the vegetation for pruning, transplanting or deforestation within development projects through which inventories of existing green spaces and trees are developed and which describe the trees from a dimensional and phytosanitary point of view.

All projects consider the future development intentions, and the beneficiary requirements are integrated into a feasible and sustainable plan so that the measures are in favor of all parties involved (beneficiary, local community, and the environment).

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Development projects and vegetation removal works are generally viewed as activities with a serious negative impact on the environment. However, it is understood that the economic environment is also important and coherent solutions must be identified for the future development of local society and communities by the following:

  • Identifying as accurately as possible the impact and risks generated by development projects on the landscape and the environment.
  • Establish feasible and sustainable measures for the benefit of all parties involved, with minimum compromise solutions.
  • Supporting the development of the local economy through which the well-being of the population in the area is increased.
  • Collaboration with the beneficiary's designers to implement technical solutions.
  • Obtaining all approvals, agreements and authorizations under the conditions imposed by the legislation in force.
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