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Landscaping and rehabilitation works of public and private gardens and parks

Landscaping is done based on a project and/or technical specifications indicating the species to be planted, the location of each plant and other related works (e.g. soil replacement, installation of garden furniture, etc.). The landscaping works are generally carried out using mature plants, so that the garden will have a harmonious appearance when the works are completed or in a very short period of time. At the request of the beneficiaries, small plants can be used involving lower costs, but the garden will grow in a longer time and frequent interventions are needed to protect and develop ornamental plants.

In the case of beneficiaries who already have a landscaped garden, rehabilitation works can be carried out through transplanting and introduction of new species or maintenance works can be carried out (pruning, cleaning, spraying with plant protection products, etc.).

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The arrangement of green spaces involves a series of preparation and development works, which are directly or indirectly related to the arranged space (eg changes to electrical or sanitary installations). The main characteristics related to the arrangement of a green space are the following:

  • Management of specialty contractors during the landscaping works.
  • Optimizing costs through the efficient management of materials and human resources.
  • Planning all works and activities depending on the complexity of the landscaping project.
  • Implementing the requirements of beneficiaries during execution, depending on their requests.
  • Checking the quality of the works carried out and providing general directions for the maintenance of green spaces.
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