Design and Execution of Gardens and Green Spaces

Landscape design is the preliminary stage of setting up a green space and it can be optimized based on the requirements of the client and on the dimension and complexity of the green area. Therefore, the design consists in translating the customer’s specific requirements into an easy-to-understand format that provides enough visual details about the future aspect.

The landscape design stage is very important both for the landscape and for the client and it can reduce the costs and time required for the execution, it provides the beneficiaries with the possibility to make timely changes in accordance with their preferences without affecting the garden and it can be the basis for the final execution.

As the complexity and the requirements of the clients vary, one can choose a wide range of design services that include the following:

  • Plotting the existing situation;
  • Landscape design proposal (plans, sections, ultra-realistic 3D renders, depending on the case) that highlight the functionality concept, proposed plant species, lighting plan, etc .;
  • Planting plan for the proposed species;
  • Estimation of the costs of the works.

Enviroland has the specialists and skills required to design private gardens, but also to design large industrial, commercial, or residential green spaces.

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