Major Accident Risk Assessment (SEVESO)

Major accidents involving dangerous chemicals are events that may lead to a very high negative impact on the environment and the population. Although the likelihood of such an event is reduced due to the various prevention measures implemented by all companies that are classified as SEVESO establishments, awareness of the severity of a potential accident is the first step towards effective risk management.

The safety report is a complex document analyzing both the risk-generating sources as well as the organizational and technical methods for preventing and reducing the impact of a major accident. The safety report should include both technical and non-technical information so that it can be consulted, analyzed and used by the client to train its own employees or authorities in the decision-making process.

A properly developed safety report becomes a necessary and useful tool for clients. The development process consists in visiting the site and analyzing the applicable and used documents, modeling major accident scenarios on chemical emissions, fires or explosions, presenting scenarios in graphical form (impact maps), assessing risks to identify sources of risk and potential consequences as well as analyzing the performance of the client on risk management through prevention and intervention measures to mitigate the negative impact.

Enviroland has the specialists and competencies required to develop a safety report and model the various scenarios involving solid, liquid or gaseous chemicals.

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