Environmental and Health and Safety Due Diligence

The transaction process between companies may present some risks from an environmental and health and safety management point of view, such as: the presence of a significant environmental contamination, the lack of pre-treatment facilities or emission filtering, the use of inappropriate equipment for the safety and health of employees, etc.

It is recommended that the risk assessments be carried out by a third party specializing in the development of such studies which is also well acquainted with the EHS legislation applicable in Romania and with the usual practices to ensure a high level of fairness and objectivity.

The risk assessments vary depending on the specific conditions of the sites and consists of different phases: site visits, documents review, collecting environmental samples, inspecting installations, etc.

Enviroland understands the importance of transactions for both parties (seller and buyer) and holds the expertise and competencies necessary for the integrated EHS risk assessment of these processes.

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