Terms of Reference and Feasibility Studies for Green Spaces

The specialized technical projects are prepared by authorized companies in accordance with the applicable legislation and they contain execution details. They may include horticultural works (for proposed plant species), electrical works (lighting installations, automated systems, etc.), civil and structural engineering works (pavilions, swimming pools, waterfalls, bridges, retaining walls, etc.), installations (irrigation systems, artesian fountains, etc.).

If the beneficiary wants the works to be carried out by a company other than the designer, the terms of reference can be developed for different types of works and may include the following:

  • Terms of reference for the execution of landscaping works based on technical projects;
  • Plant maintenance task book;
  • Specification for the maintenance of garden furniture;
  • Specification for adjusting the irrigation system, etc.

For projects that are developed on extended surfaces and comprise complex activities, feasibility studies can be developed at the request of the client to identify optimal cost-benefit solutions.

Enviroland has the specialists and skills required to develop feasibility studies for private gardens, but also for large industrial, commercial, or residential green spaces

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