Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Audits

Auditing is a systematic, independent and documented process for assessing the compliance of companies with environmental and occupational health and safety requirements. In general, companies try to focus on their field of activity to provide the highest quality services and products. During their processes, repetitive actions generate habits, which is why the point of view of a third party is very important.

The audit involves visiting the customer site, verifying the available documents and documentation and closing with a report that includes the identified non-compliances, the legal basis and recommendations for compliance. The auditing process helps customers to avoid sanctions and contraventions from the authorities following thematic controls and unannounced inspections.

From a practical point of view, audits are simulations of an authority inspection and it can provide new solutions for efficient management of the processes. Enviroland has the specialists and skills needed to turn an audit into an economical and efficient advantage.

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