ENVIROLAND has officially launched its website

ENVIROLAND is honored to launch its official website!


Environmental and landscaping engineering and consultancy, as well as all other associated activities, are carried out primarily for the health and wellbeing of people.


ENVIROLAND hopes that it can include social responsibility in its environmental commitment in order to improve the environment together with its clients, collaborators and other third parties.


At ENVIROLAND we want to place our efforts into helping others from the beginning of our activity, so we are willing to provide our environmental and landscaping engineering and consultancy services for free to NGOs established in Romania and with a significant discount for well-intended persons or private companies for the following types of projects:

  • Construction of new retirement houses;
  • Construction of new orphanages;
  • Construction of new facilities developed to provide support for the integration of homeless people;
  • Other social projects which might increase the quality of life for homeless people or persons with special needs.

Public projects, projects funded by International financial institutions (World Bank, EBRD etc.) or the European Union, will not be the subject of any promotions mentioned above.


We improve the environment together!

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