About us

Enviroland = Environment & Landscape

Who are we
We are a company founded in 2017 by two specialists with expertise in environmental protection and landscaping: Alexandru Balint, Environmental Engineer & Andreea Ponici, Landscape Engineer.

What we do
Enviroland is the solution for any challenge in environmental or landscaping projects, starting from simple audits to the remediation design of contaminated sites in environmental engineering and from concept to dream gardens in landscaping.

Vision: We become the greatest in Romania through the quality of our services.

Mission: We improve the environment together!

Purpose: To provide our clients with practical and feasible environmental, health and safety and landscaping support, according  to the latest standards and best practices.

Our clients want to be compliant with the environmental and occupational health and safety legislation by applying effective and feasible methods to prevent and mitigate risks, reduce negative impacts and maximise the positive impact of their activities.

Our employees are young and experienced specialists with studies in various fields of activity and the desire for continuous academic and professional development, who understand and know how to combine customer needs with the principles of sustainable development.

Our collaborators are companies and individuals with considerable reputation and experience in various fields of activity, including geological engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology, environmental engineering, civil engineering, landscape engineering, laboratory analysis and other related activities.

Our suppliers are companies and individuals who offer high quality services and products that support our company in the activities we perform in order to deliver our services at the highest standards.

How we work


We meet. Send an e-mail to one of our specialists and you will be contacted to receive a quotation.


We conclude the deal. After you accept our quotation, we conclude a contract depending on your specific needs.


We act. After we sign the contract, we provide you with the high-quality services needed.

Our Mission

We improve the environment together. With our clients.

Environmental protection is more than an objective or responsibility. Environmental protection may become a true financial and marketing advantage for companies. 

We have the expertise and these are our advantages:

  • Quality and client orientation;
  • Experience and know-how;
  • Seriousness and punctuality;
  • Honesty and respect;
  • Creativity and energy;
  • Adaptability and consistency.


Contaminated sites 100%
EHS Auditing and Due Diligence 100%
Environmental Impact Assessment 100%
Major Accidents Involving Dangerous Substances 85%
Landscaping Design 100%
Landscaping Execution 100%
Landscaping Maintenance 90%

Professional interests


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